Sometimes you will see things that seem similar but are indeed different. For example you might see 100mb/s and thing WOW 100 Megabytes per second but in fact it’s 100 Megabits per second. When you encounter this it is very important for you to distinguish and verify the capitalization, MB is Megabyte where as mb or Mb is megabit. a byte is 8 bits. 1MB (Megabyte) is equal to 8mb (Megabits). It may seem minor but when you see 100MB of data don’t expect to download it in a single second with a 100mb download speed. This analogy can be used across all of what you do. Capitalization really matters!


As an Analog Robot you will have multiple item, or tasks, that must be completed in a certain time frame. Completing all those tasks within all of their respective time frames may at times seem infinitely impossible. To combat this task you should not look at the tasks, or items as work, but instead as a fun learning experience. Figure out which one will challenge you and be the most exciting to complete. When you have chose put blinders on and focus on one task at a time. Focusing on one task that is enjoyable will help you to better conquer the other tasks as you will have a new sense of energy. We are Analog Robots, we don’t run off of money, or fuel, we run off of the experience of not only helping others, but learning while doing.

When an Analog Robot is on the right path it’s common for that Analog Robot to be advancing in the ranks. Stop. Take a moment to absorb all that you have learned, take in all that is different as well as all that is the same. Determine what the changes and lack there of mean. Draw conclusions and re-evaluate the goals that you have. We as Analog Robots must accept that we will be, and always have been different. Embrace the gap and produce a plan to reduce it. Take time to reflect on the one who helped you to become an Analog Robot and what they have taught you. Remember that without the advice, and training of another you would not be. It is easy to take this advancement as a step forward but in reality it should be a side step. A chance for you to grow, but only if you are still able to remember and instill the true code of an Analog Robot. You are not better, you are different, but that’s not a bad thing!

Although Analog Robots face rejection on a minimal level in excess, rejection at a higher level can sometimes seem overwhelming. It is important to remember that there are often underlying reasons behind said rejection that are out of your control as an Analog Robot. Remember to keep your head held high and asses the situation from more than one angle. This process will enable you to not only grow from the experience but to better understand the world around you. When all seems lost it is important to remember that you’re an Analog Robot and that is a rare attribute. Rather than sulk in the event advance your abilities and profession. Do not drop your current goals, instead expand them to raise the bar and you will be greater for exceeding the expected.

As an analog robot you may find it hard to maintain sanity. Knowing you are the only one working continuously to better not only yourself, but the people and the world around you; you may start to find yourself out of touch with the current state of life. Journeying off to the opposite side of normality is not discouraged, in fact it is often encouraged by fellow analog robots, however in order to do so you must be capable of jumping back in times of need. For some it is a specific problem, question, or person. For others it can be a password if you will that reminds the analog robot who he or she is. Remember that no matter what your quick jump to reality may be you need to keep it to yourself and always maintain the analog robot’s code of ethics.

Often times it is easy for an analog robot to feel as though he is not worth as much as he is. Wether this be a dollar value, or a mere confidence issue one may feel as though they are not worth as much as others whom we support. Remember that it is you who keeps the technology afloat. It is you who follows the guideline of an analog robot. It is you who has made it this far and that is worth more in itself than anything you could imaging to achieve in any job, or career. You are an analog robot. That is your calling, your passion, and your pride if you so let it be.

As any analog robot knows well, troubleshooting is something you are either born with, or you train hard every day to accomplish. Sometimes, and very often it is a combination of the two that makes a successful troubleshooter. When faced with an issue it is easy for us to gather many wild ideas as to what the cause or source of the issue may be. While that is good it is important for us to go through the correct troubleshooting steps in order to accurately asses the situation or issue.

Firstly we need to keep in mind that while sometimes this is not the case history does have a trend of repeating itself. Look at the user’s past issues around this particular issue and ask yourself if there is a common denominator.

Second we must gather information regarding the events leading up to the issue. Was this a normal activity gone horribly wrong or is this something new the user is trying that perhaps was not configure or executed properly.

Third we must apply our knowledge of the issue and do our research regarding the issue.

Lastly we must attempt to resolve the issue. This is by far the most important part of the troubleshooting process as everything done from here on out will be on a trial and error basis. If we run into additional issues we repeat process only with more defined issues to research. If we resolve the issue it is very important to document all steps taken as it will become handy for future generations who run into the issue, or similar issues.

Those who share, truly care!