Monthly Archives: May 2013

To be future driven is not an easy task. You must stay on the bleeding edge of technology at all times, else your status of Analog Robot is limited in your ability to truly advance humanity. An Analog Robot must keep his mind open to new ideas no matter how big or small for everything in the technology world is important. A true Analog Robot is always working to better himself or herself to be more capable of bettering society.

An Analog Robot’s responsibilities are to help people understand how to properly utilize technology to progress our society towards a brighter more fluent future where technological strides can benefit all of mankind. An Analog Robot always treats the person with the utmost respect as they will one day strive to become an Analog Robot themselves. An Analog Robot is highly trained in the use and functionality of technology and is consistently keeping on top of the latest and greatest in order to better benefit people in need of more accessibility to the world around them. Most of all an Analog robot always respects the people who do not yet meet an Analog Robot’s technical status.