Progress (troubleshooting)

As any analog robot knows well, troubleshooting is something you are either born with, or you train hard every day to accomplish. Sometimes, and very often it is a combination of the two that makes a successful troubleshooter. When faced with an issue it is easy for us to gather many wild ideas as to what the cause or source of the issue may be. While that is good it is important for us to go through the correct troubleshooting steps in order to accurately asses the situation or issue.

Firstly we need to keep in mind that while sometimes this is not the case history does have a trend of repeating itself. Look at the user’s past issues around this particular issue and ask yourself if there is a common denominator.

Second we must gather information regarding the events leading up to the issue. Was this a normal activity gone horribly wrong or is this something new the user is trying that perhaps was not configure or executed properly.

Third we must apply our knowledge of the issue and do our research regarding the issue.

Lastly we must attempt to resolve the issue. This is by far the most important part of the troubleshooting process as everything done from here on out will be on a trial and error basis. If we run into additional issues we repeat process only with more defined issues to research. If we resolve the issue it is very important to document all steps taken as it will become handy for future generations who run into the issue, or similar issues.

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