Progress (Improving)

When an Analog Robot is on the right path it’s common for that Analog Robot to be advancing in the ranks. Stop. Take a moment to absorb all that you have learned, take in all that is different as well as all that is the same. Determine what the changes and lack there of mean. Draw conclusions and re-evaluate the goals that you have. We as Analog Robots must accept that we will be, and always have been different. Embrace the gap and produce a plan to reduce it. Take time to reflect on the one who helped you to become an Analog Robot and what they have taught you. Remember that without the advice, and training of another you would not be. It is easy to take this advancement as a step forward but in reality it should be a side step. A chance for you to grow, but only if you are still able to remember and instill the true code of an Analog Robot. You are not better, you are different, but that’s not a bad thing!


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